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 - Mike Rodgers

Looking at the history of the Northwest, who was the best babyface?  Longevity has something to do with it but what made certain people more popular than others. Here is the list!

1. Lonnie Mayne

I have written a lot about Lonnie Mayne the last few months. But when you mention the NW Lonnie is one of the first people you think of. His popularity stems from being very tough and acting like a kid at heart. Don Owen said about Lonnie, "Everyday was like Christmas for Lonnie."

2. Jimmy Snuka

In the early 70's what a great body he had to go with good Islander looks. Had a good charisma about him. Was always popular with the exception of a brief heel turn in the mid 90's for Sandy Barr. Great feuds with Bull Ramos, Buddy Rose, Kangaroos, Jesse Ventura. Was in the NW through the middle 70's.

3. Steve Doll

His charisma stems from his Ken doll like looks. Came across as a Texas Gentleman. People knew that he wasn't the toughest wrestler around or the best but his looks made him very popular. Formed one of the NW best teams with Scott Peterson. They were known as the Southern Rockers.

4. Billy Jack

He easily could have been number 1 but you have to take into account what he was really like in real life. Some of that came across even back when he was starting. However back in the early 80's he was very popular.

5. Don Leo Jonathan

 He appeared in the late 60's and his skill made him very popular. Had a series of matches with Gene Kiniski for the NWA World Title in Portland. Was a gentleman on TV and people thought of him as invincible. Did not appear for extended lengths of time.

6. Roddy Piper. His babyface stint here did not last that long, but again it is remembered the most from the past 20 years. His hipness and quick wit in the interviews helped his popularity tremendously. He was the Rock of the early 80's.

7. Dutch Savage 

Almost like Billy Jack, he could have been higher. Was a good wrestler and had a tough man aura. Was on top through early to middle 70's. Crowd liked his tough guy image.  More...

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