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8. Luther Lindsey

Lindsey appeared in the NW from the late 50's to the early 60's. Lindsey was a very kind and popular man. He was popular with the boys as well. his personality shone through. That time period was undoubtedly not the easiest for an African American.

9. Billy White Wolf

Very popular throughout the 60's. He was a good draw and a good wrestler. He won the NW title on several occasions and the tag titles on several occasions. He went on to be popular in the WWF before he turned into Sheik Adnan Kaissey. Watch for a interview with Billy Whitewolf in an upcoming Ring Around The Northwest bulletin.

10. Honorable Mention to Nick Bockwinkle, Bobby Shane, Herb Freeman, Art Barr, Johnny Kostas, Luigi Macera, Shag Thomas, Tony Kozina

You probably couldn't get a more diverse group of men and reasons for their popularity. Bockwinkle & Shane for their good looks in the early 60's. Kostas, Herb Freeman, Luigi Macera for their longevity and skill as wrestlers. Shag Thomas for being an old favorite. Art Barr despite his personal problems was a underdog and a great draw and gimmick for kids. Tony Kozina is today's babyface who combines good looks, with underdog size and outstanding skill.


From prelims to Main events....What do Terry Allen, Gino Hernandez, Tully Blanchard, Bill Francis and a few others in the NW have in common? They were in prelims here, but main evented other places. We will take a closer look.

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