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 - Brandon Truitt 

Before the shoot starts, we get a clipped version of DiBiase beating Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy of the Freebirds to become the second ever UWF champion. After that, we get more footage of the Freebirds-DiBiase feud.

The first question, for a change, is what it was like growing up in a wrestling family. Ted compares it to being an army brat and talks about how his late stepfather, Iron Mike DiBiase was in the business. He considers him his father instead of his stepfather considering how close they were and because he never knew his real father. Amongst the places he's lived were Amarillo, Portland, Omaha, and Arizona. They mainly shuttled back and forth between Omaha and Amarillo because Iron Mike was from Nebraska and he did his best business, money-wise, against the Funks in Texas. Iron Mike died in the ring when Ted was in the ninth grade in Texas. After that, he moved back to Arizona before getting a football scholarship to West Texas State, which has produced more wrestlers than most wrestling schools.

Did he want to be a wrestler growing up? Yes, as he always idolized his dad and wanted to be like him, but Iron Mike didn't want him getting into the business. He feels the same way about his sons today because of the personal price you pay by being in it. He talks about how many people he knows in the business have either died or lost everything they had because of the business and some of the baggage that comes with it, like alcoholism and drug abuse. "When you're in the spotlight, you don't go find trouble, it comes and finds you." He talks about how success in the business is based on having the right look and being at the right place at the right time. He relates the story of a huge guy who had been a sumo wrestler and had everything necessary to succeed but the timing was bad because he was discovered while Yokozuna was on top of the WWF.

Iron Mike's death- He had a huge cholesterol buildup in his heart and a propensity for heart disease anyway due to bad genetics, so it wasn't the match that killed him. It was still devastating for his dad to die so suddenly

West Texas State- He played alongside such wrestlers as Tully Blanchard and Tito Santana. After graduating from high school, he was about to sign a letter of intent to play for the University of Arizona but he happened to catch an ad for a wrestling show held by the Funk family. He went there and hung out with Dory Funk Sr., Terry Funk (another West Texas football player), and Dory Funk Jr. Of the three, he was always closer with Terry than the other two and Terry had suggested that he go on a recruiting to West Texas and he ended up there.

Sidenote- Other notable West Texas State players include Dusty RhodesBarry Windham, Bruiser Brody, and Stan Hansen.

He talks about how Tito Santana (Merced Soleis) had been drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs and that he was released in the last set of cuts that year because they had to keep a lesser player around because they were already stuck paying him too much anyway. Eventually, Tully got him into the business.

What was Tully like back then? Good athlete, good quarterback, etc. When he wrestled against Tully while working for the Funks, he started cutting promos about their history as teammates but how things were different in the ring than on the football field. He also starts talking about how Tully held quite a few records at West Texas, including the most interceptions ever in a game. He jokes that Tully got so distraught about how bad he sucked then that he attempted to kill himself but that someone intercepted the bullet.

Who trained him? The Funks mentored him all throughout his career and he puts Terry Funk over heavily for his intuition into how things were going to change in the business. He says that Terry correctly predicted that things were going to go national, which I can believe because he and Dory Jr. sold the Amarillo territory several years before the other groups went national and destroying the territory system. 

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