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Barry had to reinforce the stipulations made by Doll, but Ron would hear none of it as he and Don again refused to sign the contract.  Barry gave them the count of ten to sign the contract or be stripped of the titles.  At the six-count, they signed the contract.  But as Doll and Crush signed it, they were blinded by powder and beaten nearly senseless until Crush chased the Harris' out with a chair.  Barry then told Coss that it was a done deal.  the match was made official.  Whatever happened to that these days?  Nowadays, wrestlers would be "fired" by Bischoff, Heyman, Angle, McMahon or whoever if they refused to defend a title.   

- Match #4 had The Grappler facing Bart Sawyer, who came out to the ring to "Do The Bartman" by Bart Simpson.  The two had a spirited match until the Grappler was disqualified for a low blow.  He hit the top rope and Sawyer slipped and stradlled himself.  Normally, that's not a DQ, but Sandy Barr thought different. 

- Coss interviewed a couple of angry guys, Doll and Crush.  Crush told the folks at the Sports Arena that if they wanted to see a couple of good guys fight next Saturday, he suggested they "stay home and watch Mister Rogers".  The censors were too busy with Saturday Night Live to pay attention.  

- Match #5 saw Doug Masters in a second match, this time against C.W. Bergstrom (the last PNW Champion of the Don Owen era).  Jimmy Jack Funk joined Don Coss in the crow's nest to talk about the upcoming events and the July 13th extravaganza.  Bergstrom leapfrogged Masters and twisted his knee, then the Pretty Boy went to work on the knee until medical personnel took him back to the dressing room, but not before Masters attacked Funk, who came down from the announcer booth to help C.W.  Jimmy Jack went to work on Masters dismantling him leading to a time-limit draw (Masters' second of the night).  In the last minute of the match, The Bruise Brothers talked about the tag team title match the following week and a grudge match in Eugene.  

- The sixth and final match was Crush vs. Don Harris, but never aired.  Bummer.  

Overall grade: B+  

Match Results:  

1.) Pretty Boy Doug Masters battled Mike Winner to a time limit draw.

2.) Larry Oliver pinned Al Madril, who was handcuffed to Sandy Barr.

3.) Steve Doll (PNW Champion) pinned Ron Harris in a non-title match.

4.) Bart Sawyer defeated The Grappler via DQ.

5.) Doug Masters battled Jimmy Jack Funk to a time limit draw after C.W. Bergstrom could not continue due to injury.

6.) Crush vs. Don Harris - no result because it was off-TV. 

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