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 - Scott Keith

This is the followup to the awesome Great American Bash 89 PPV, as Sting & Ric Flair were going to team up to face Terry Funk and Great Muta. However, Flair went nuts on TBS a week or so prior to this and broke Funk’s arm with a branding iron, so he’s probably not gonna make it.

- Live from Columbia, South Carolina.

- Your hosts are Jim Ross & James E. Cornette.

- Opening match: The Road Warriors v. The Samoan Swat Team. Once again for the 13 people left who didn’t catch this the first million times I said it: The SST is Samu and Fatu, with Fatu being better known today as Rikishi.  The crowd heat here is INCREDIBLE, as the Road Warriors are just crazy over, even in their last days with the NWA. Animal blitzes Fatu to start, hitting a powerslam and knocking Samu off the apron. SST stalls, so the Warriors simply toss them back in and kick their ass. Good plan. Hawk fistdrop gets two on Fatu. Warrior work a headlock on Fatu and overpower him. Hawk hits the floor and some shenanigans from the heels takes him out, thus impeding his ability to no-sell. And we HIT THE BEARHUG! Ah, nothing like samoan restholds.

False tag to Animal, which allows more punishment for Hawk. Fatu goes airborne and does a devastating chindrop on Hawk’s foot. Again, I question WHAT THE HELL that these guys are ever hoping to accomplish by coming off the top rope and landing on their feet in the general vicinity of the babyface’s leg. Even if the babyface doesn’t lift their leg, that move can’t possibly hit anything to begin with. And yet heels have been doing that move for YEARS now with no sign of stopping. Hot tag to Animal, and it’s BREAKING LOOSE IN TULSA!  Heel miscommunication (ironically, involving Paul E’s telephone) puts Fatu in a dazed state, and from there the Doomsday Device finishes at 6:43. Nothing match, but the heat was AMAZING. **1/4 The SST fires Dangerously after the match, leaving him in managerial exile until the coming of Mean Mark Callous in 1990.

- The Cuban Assassin (Fidel Sierra) v. The Z-Man  This match would be Zenk’s uninspiring NWA debut, as he managed to talk them out of the original gimmick idea (“The Zodiac Man” some six years before Beefcake, from which “Z-Man” was derived) and just be a guy in white tights who got a good reaction. Sierra gets some token jobber offense, but Zenk finishes with a sleeper at 3:35. Wow, a sleeperhold as a finisher…and he DIDN’T get over? Go figure. *   More...


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