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 - Scott Keith

Ah, Jim Herd and his wacky generic names for big shows.  God bless him.

 - Live from Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

 - Your hosts are Jim Ross & Bob Caudle.

 - Okay, so your lame theme for this show is that itís being held on a military base on Flag Day, a pseudo-holiday so insipid that only a greeting card company could have thought of it, and itís also the 214th birthday of the Army.  So we get lots of soundbytes of the army doing army stuff.  The theme also figures into the booking of one of the matches, and Iíll leave it as an exercise for the reader to guess which one.

 - Opening match, World tag team title semi-final:  The Fabulous Freebirds v. The Dynamic Dudes.  Alliteration RULES!  The deal here is that the Varsity Club had screwed the Road Warriors out of the titles at Clash VI and then retained them through nefarious means at WrestleWar 89, but those means were so nefarious that they were stripped of the titles and this tournament was staged.  For those of you who actually care about this sort of thing, the Freebirds got a screwy victory over the Road Warriors in the first round while the Dudes beat stiff competition in Jack Victory & Rip Morgan.  But wait, thereís shenanigans, as the opening round Freebird team of Hayes & Gordy suddenly becomes the debuting Hayes & Garvin version of the Freebirds here in the second round so that Gordy can become a single again.  The Dudes, as always, still suck.  Big brawl to start, and the Dudes send the Birds scurrying.  Back in, they get a double-cover on them but the ref wonít count anything.  The Birds bail and stall, then Hayes and Garvin take turns getting dominated by the babyfaces.  The Dudes hit a double-hiptoss and double-elbow on Garvin, but Douglas gets hit with a cheapshot and is pounded by Hayes.  Johnny Ace comes in and dodges Hayes, but misses a bodypress and gets dropped on the top rope for two.  The Birds dump him and Gordy inflicts some damage on the floor, and Johnny is YOUR Ace-in-peril.  Iíve been waiting for years to work that one in.  Ace & Garvin collide, and Ace makes the hot tag to Shane.  Heís a house of fire, even if he is wearing fruity tights!  Sunset flip gets two on Garvin.  Double-dropkick puts Hayes out, but he sneaks back in, catches Shane rolling up Garvin, and DDTs him behind the refís back for the pin to advance at 7:14.  Super heat, but the match was pretty thin.  *1/2  More...


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