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 - Scott Keith

 -         Live from Albany GA, which is never actually mentioned during the course of the show. 

-         Your hosts are Jim Ross & Bob Caudle. 

-         Opening match, TV title:  Mike Rotundo v. Brad Armstrong.  The more of these Armstrong matches from the 80s I see, the more his treatment makes me sad.  Mike takes him down to start, and gets a fireman’s carry.  Bodypress out of the corner is rolled through by Brad for two, and Mike bails.  Back in, Armstrong wins a hiptoss battle and dropkicks him for two, and Rotundo bails again.  Back in, Brad grabs a headlock and they work off that on the mat for a bit.  Brad gets a crossbody for two, and Mike bails again.  Too much of that so far, but the crowd is amazingly hot for 3000 or so.  Back in, Brad works the headlock and hooks a hammerlock off a criss-cross.  Cool stuff.  He holds an armbar and works the arm.  Rotundo buries a knee and hotshots him to take over.  He dumps him and Sullivan lays in the cheapshots.  Back in, suplex gets two and Rotundo hits the chinlock, but uses the ropes to redeem it.  He pounds him and covers for two.  Back to the chinlock, but Brad escapes, and walks into a vicious lariat for two.  Back to the chinlock, but Rotundo keeps it interesting by going for a pin.  All the chinlocks make the finish so obvious that anyone reading should be able to guess it by now.  Backbreaker gets two, and he tosses Brad.  Brad sunset flips back in for two, but gets legdropped for two.  Steve Williams joins us at ringside to irritate Rotundo.  Armstrong takes the opportunity to cradle for two, but Rotundo hits the chinlock again to eat up time.  Airplane spin (!!) on Armstrong, but both guys are left goofy.  Rotundo recovers for two.  Gut wrench gets two.  Small package gets two.  Big forearm gets two.  Cradle gets two, and he keeps working the pinfall attempt until the time expires at 20:00.  JR sells it as a moral victory, but there was no followup in the booking plans.  Still a great opener with hard work all around.  ***1/2 

-         We get clips of Jimmy Garvin’s broken leg at the hands of the Varsity Club, which basically gave them the final victory in that feud.  The “Gorgeous” character was retired as a result of that attack, as he quit the promotion while healing, and when he returned 8 months later it was in his new role as Jimmy “Jam” Garvin, one half of the new Freebirds.  Sullivan drops a cinderblock on his leg to “break” it, for those who enjoy that sort of detail.  More...


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