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 - Scott Keith

-     Live from Miami, Florida.

     Your hosts are JR, Tony Schiavone & Bob Caudle.

     Opening match, US title:  Barry Windham v. Brad Armstrong.  Barry was just fresh into his US title run as a mega-heel, beating the returning Nikita Koloff in the finals of a tournament for the belt.  Brad works the arm to start, as does Windham.  Brad gets a slam and Barry bails.  Back in, Armstrong works a headlock and Windham bails again.  They work the mat against for a bit, but Windham keeps cheating and the ref forces a break.  Man, when do you EVER see that anymore?  Brad gives him a clean break in the corner, like a moron, and Barry nails him.  Windham gets lazy on offense, though, and Brads sends him scurrying again.  Back to the headlock, and a criss-cross leads to another headlock.  Sign in the crowd:  “Barry used to be a big hunk, now he’s just a big punk”, with “Punk” and “Hunk” done in glitter paint and the sign held up by a 14-year old girl.  More on this phenomenon later.  Barry suplexes out of it and powerslams him for two.  Figure-four, assisted by JJ, gets several two counts as Brad can’t reverse.  He finally makes the ropes, but gets tossed.  Back in, Barry goes up and misses whatever it is he’s usually going for up there, and Brad comes back.  Dropkick and kneelift set up a flying bodypress for two.  Another one is blocked with the IRON CLAW OF HIDEOUS DISMEMBERMENT, and that’s enough for the win at 14:00 to retain.  Solid, but it seemed like they were going for a 20-25 minute match and got sent home early, which would explain all the headlocks early on.  **1/2  

-     I would like to take this moment to mourn the passing of  Why?  Because we bring out Lyle Alzado to hype his new sitcom, Learning the Ropes.  Those of you who were around at this time will already be groaning in sympathy pains, but for those of you who were lucky enough not to be privy to that one, here’s the gist:  Former football player (and admitted steroid abuser) Alzado plays a mild-mannered (but steroid-abusing) high school teacher with two wacky kids who just can’t make ends meet.  So he takes a second job, working as a jobber for Jim Crockett Promotions called “The Masked Maniac”.   More...


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