WWWF/WWF #30 Page #2

As you might expect, Mil Mascaras won the match, but to everyone's surprise, Doherty was not found under the mask. It was another TV enhancement wrestler named Davey O'Hannon! It is believed this match took place on the same card as the first Bill Graham vs. Dusty Rhodes match at MSG. Incidentally, Doherty may not have been alone in playing The Golden Terror all along, but he was one of the primary people playing the character. Finally, by 1979 the Golden Terror gimmick had completely disappeared.

Looking at these lists of enhancement talent and lower mid-carders, and careers either on blooming or fading, it is interesting to see how the sport back then had tiers of success. Today it seems this is all but disappeared as with a few run-ins every wrestler today is on the exact same level. Back then, any wrestler could beat any other wrestler on a given day, but it would be more like an upset victory, like when Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson. It was interesting then to see a wrestler blossom from TV enhancement wrestler, to perhaps winning a few tag titles, to perhaps challenging for bigger titles. The when the time is right, putting over the next generation of title contenders. It is now a lost art to try to put over the guy instead of yourself.


We'll travel to the Pacific, feel the gusting bellows of a sea storm with a Cro-magnon outlook, as I look at the career of the late Gorilla Monsoon!

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