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Included in this group was Ted Lewin, Steve Strong who had done a painting of Jesse Ventura that was unveiled, George Gordienko who has some Picasso like paintings, Lord Leslie Carlton, Tito Carreon has his cartoons displayed and our own Jeanette Gogan Olivier had her work displayed. Also a copy of her work of the Mankind painting that appeared in USA recently was auctioned off and brought $175 for the Club.

Other friends That I met in person or renewed acquaintances with included Diane Devine, Ray Whebbe, Dr. Mike Lano, George Schire, Harry White, Lewis Curry, and Tom Burke. Tom Burke was most gracious and reminded that we had been correspondents for nearly 30 years. It was great to meet him.

Of the people that attended quite a number of them had history in the NW. I took one photo of Ed Francis, Billy Whitewolf, The Destroyer, Don Manoukian and Pompero Firpo which truly is a interesting photo since all were NW champs in the early 60's.


Lonnie Mayne

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