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Ormand Malumba wrestled a few shows in Portland, but stayed quite a while in Vancouver where he was a tag champ on one occasion. Moondog Moretti tells the story of when they worked together in the Maritimes and Malumba had a voodoo type doll. Moretti would always put tape on the dolls forhead like a bandage or on his fingers like he was carrying a blade. Malumba always knew that it was Moretti.

Someone had asked about a publication that was around Portland and it was entitled Wrestle-Media. It was out around the mid to late 80’s, and was a promotional newspaper on the wrestling in the area. It had lots of features on the wrestlers and it was pretty good.

Vinnie Valentino worked here in the mid 80’s. He has retired and is working in Albuquerque New Mexico in a night club.

Very sad to hear of the passing of Eddie Sullivan. Sullivan worked for Dean Silverstone in the Mid 70’s and was one of the major draws for the promotion. Sullivan was also a true gentleman.

Rip Oliver is recovering from a heart attack this past summer.

Tito Montez resides in Portland and owns his own carpeting company.

Dean Higuchi (Ho) lives in British Columbia Canada and owns his own deli.

Pat Brady blew out his knee several years ago in a match in British Columbia and has since gone on to get his physical therapy degree. Brady is one of the most thoughtful, intelligent people you could meet anywhere. He loves to tell the story about Mark Young who was Jay Strongbow’ s son. As a rib Brady and some others once put a for sale cheap sign in Young’s big Van.

Matt Borne recently told a story on a local radio show that it was Jesse Ventura who convinced him to think seriously about pro wrestling. Borne at the time was very serious into amateur wrestling and upped his nose a little at pro wrestling. Borne is still active in the Pennsylvania area.


We will look at the top heels in the NW and what made them so baddddd...

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