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In their subsequent rematch Mayne was the winner when Borne could not return to the ring and was counted out. To decide on new tag champs both Mayne and Borne were allowed to choose new partners. Borne chose Luigi Macera and Lonnie enlisted Beauregard.  Mayne and Beau fought a rough and tough match and won the belts. 

Also in 1967 Mayne captured the NW Title winning it on two occasions, once from Luther Lindsey and once from Johnny Kostas. In 1968 he won it a third time beating Stan Stasiak. Lonnie and Beau held the tag belts up until October 12th, 1968 when they dropped them to the Von Steiger Brothers. Before that they had beaten such teams as Borne & Kostas, Stasiak & Borne, Macera & Johnny War Eagle, Shag Thomas & Haystacks Calhoun, Bobby Shane & Paddy Barrett, Lindsey & Dean Ho.

Mayne got into a feud with an equally unpopular and unbalanced wrestler in Mad Dog Vachon. During one interview Vachon brought up a crudely constructed box that he claimed was a casket and that Mayne would need it after he was through with him. Mayne answered Vachon by entering his interview and after a brief struggle, which Vachon lost, he was put in his own casket.

Vachon gained a measure of revenge by beating Mayne for the singles belt, but Lonnie won the belt back a week later. After Mayne and Beauregard had lost the tag titles to the Von Steigers, they were having an interview when the Germans jumped them and threw Mayne headfirst out of the crows nest, injuring him. During this time there were many wrestlers looking for a shot at Mayne's heavyweight title. Promoters made Beauregard defend the title in Mayne's absence. He immediately lost the title to Luther Lindsey. Mayne did return in early 69 and he took over right where he left off racking up victory after victory. Lonnie also decided that he and Tony Borne had been friends to long to fight and the Northwest had its most successful tag team combination back together again. They wasted no time in teaming and winning the tag belts and Mayne beat Lindsey for the singles belt.

In July of 69, Roger Kirby entered the area and he proved to be even more hated than Mayne. Kirby won the NW title and Mayne and the fans were looking for revenge. For the first time in Mayne's career the fans were behind him and urging him on.

After trading the title back and forth Mayne beat Kirby in a cage match and chased him from the area. Beauregard was still around and he and Mayne had a feud that dated back to the time Beau lost Lonnie's title. Beauregard sought protection in partners like Kirby and The Claw. Mayne beat Beauregard many times and eventually The Claw turned on Beauregard. Beau asked Lonnie to team with him again to help him get revenge. 

Lonnie later found a new partner in in Cowboy Frankie Laine. They teamed off and on finally winning the NW tag titles. They defeated the Von Steigers and held the title for three months.  Mayne's next major opponent would be Mr. Fuji & Haru Sasaki. Lonnie again began teaming with Tony Borne on a regular basis. They found the old timing still there and won the NW tag titles for the 7th time on October 28th, 1970.

In April of 1970 Mayne got a shot at Dory Funk Jr and the NWA Title. The match ended in a 60 minute draw. Funk complimented Mayne after the bout by saying, He was one of the toughest opponents he had ever faced.  The two met again on March 16th, 1971 and once again this match went to a time limit draw. They met one more time on November 2nd, 1971 in a special 90 minute match. Funk was able to pin Mayne for the deciding fall.


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