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The first match on the show featured Junkyard Dog versus King Kong Bundy. JYD won, but Buzz Sawyer and the Missing Link came in to leave the top man in Mid-South laying.

Announcer Watts imagined the unseen hand of master tactician DiBiase in the attack. Duggan had saved Dog on more than one occasion, and Dog had returned the favor. If Junkyard Dog was in no position to watch Duggan’s back for the final showdown with DiBiase, the Hacksaw could be easy prey for whatever shenanigans DiBiase had planned.  The second match featured the Road Warriors taking on Art Crews and a young, skinny wrestler named Rick Rude. The Warriors had come out on the short end of the stick the previous week, against Mid-South tag champs Duggan and Magnum TA, and made short work of their opponents this week.

After a couple more squash matches, it was time for the climactic battle between the former friends.  DiBiase didn’t even wait for Boyd Pierce to issue introductions, attacking Duggan early. The battle went back and forth, with DiBiase working the leg and Duggan brawling his way out of trouble more than once.  When it looked like Duggan was finally about to take over, the Road Warriors rushed the ring. Apparently, DiBiase had recruited them to aid him, and their previous week’s embarrassment at the hands of Duggan and TA made them willing volunteers.  The Warriors held Duggan while DiBiase slapped his nemesis. Magnum TA and George  Weingroff tried to come to his aid, but the Warriors easily dispatched them. Then, just as it looked like the end was near, the Junkyard Dog fought his way into the ring.

He might have been sporting the effects of his recent three-on-one beating, but he was also sporting a two-by-four piece of plywood!  The Dog started to clean house, but dropped the board while fighting off the Road Warriors.  DiBiase picked it up and was about to polish off JYD when Duggan recovered just in time to deliver a spear, his finishing move. The Warriors kept Duggan occupied, however, but the combined might of Mid-South’s super powers drove them down, and Duggan now found the two-by-four that would become his trademark.

He smacked DiBiase across the back with it, knocking him silly. Three slaps of the mat later, Mid-South was free of its greatest villain.

DiBiase had finally met justice at the hands of his two former friends -- Junkyard Dog (who DiBiase initially stabbed in the back during a scientific match for the North American title more than a year earlier) and Duggan. Even one of his most ingenious plans couldn’t save him, and DiBiase found himself forced out of Mid-South.

Of course, Mid-South had not seen the last of Ted DiBiase. The man known as “The Big Cheese” would come back a year later, with a nasty brand of vengeance on his mind, but that’s another story ...


The Kurious Kase of Krusher Khruschev 

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