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The first part of 1974 saw many work the circuit including Dennis Hall, Sam Bass, Jesse James, Eddie Marlin, Tommy Gilbert, The Bounty Hunters with manager Jim Kent, Johnny Marlin, Jackie Fargo, Tojo Yamamoto, Jerry Jarrett, The Fabulous Kangaroos: Al Costello & Don Kent managed by Sir Clements, The Alaskan, Johnny Fields & Marshall Fields, The Masked Mr. Wrestling I & II (not Tim Woods & Johnny Walker), Burrhead Jones, Joey Rossi, Argentina Zuma, Tor Hayashi, Rufus R. Jones, Sonny King, Ali Vaziri (to gain greater fame years later as The Iron Sheik), Buddy Wayne, The Samoan, Mike Paidousis, Bill Costello, Jerry Lawler, Ron Wright & Don Wright, Devoy Brunson, Rocky Smith, Jim White, Tony Santos, Billy McGuire & Benny McGuire, Prince Leilani, Mike Jackson, Frank Hajak, Roughhouse Fargo, Mr. Kamikaze, Robert Fuller and more.

Also working some at this time were Ladies champion The Fabulous Moolah, Donna Christianello, Sylvia Hackney, Peggy Patterson, Cora Combs, Little Darling Dagmar, Diamond Lil as well as Bobo Johnson, Little Tokyo, The Haiti Kid and Cowboy Lang.

In February, Tojo Yamamoto turned on tag partner Jerry Jarrett and injured him. Jackie Fargo took up the banner for Jarrett and warred against Yamamoto during this time period. The Masked Mighty Yankees feuded against Lorenzo Parente & Bill Dromo in this time frame and in the end ran into a streak of bad luck as they were unmasked and revealed as Frank Morrell & Charles Morrell. Dennis Hall and Buddy Wayne, who had teamed some, had a falling out and feuded some in this time frame. Tommy Gilbert also feuded against Lou Thesz, who worked as a heel in the feud. Enemies Eddie Marlin and Jerry Lawler united briefly also to battle The Masked Infernos with manager J.C. Dykes. Lawler’s flirtation with being a fan favorite didn’t last long as the spring began he was feuding with Jackie Fargo.

The wrestling territory would never be the same as promoter Nick Gulas’ son, George, debuted as a wrestler early in the year. While he did work some in singles matches most of George’s matches at this time were six man tags and regular tag matches. George most often teamed with popular Gulas-Welch veteran Dennis Hall.

The promotional war in Georgia continued in 1974. A number of stars from the Gulas-Welch promotion worked some during the first half of the year for Atlanta’s NWA promotion which had been booked by Jerry Jarrett, who continued to book for the Gulas-Welch promotion. Jerry Lawler worked a good deal in Georgia the first few months of 1974 often teaming with Bobby Shane, Bobby Duncum and Art Nelson. Others from the territory who worked some in Georgia include Jackie Fargo, Robert & Ron Fuller, Tojo Yamamoto, Eddie Marlin & Tommy Gilbert, Terrance & Ron Garvin with manager Jim Garvin and others. The Lawler-Fargo feud played in Atlanta on February 15 just days after Lawler and Robert Fuller were co-winners of an Atlanta two ring battle royal, two of Lawler’s biggest matches in the Georgia promotion in this time frame. 

Birmingham, Alabama Boutwell Auditorium, Monday, January 21, 1974

Memphis, Tennessee, Monday, January 21, 1974

Nashville, Tennessee, Wednesday, February 20, 1974

Evansville, Indiana, Wednesday, March 27, 1974

Title changes and controversies during January-March 1974


January 12

January 21


February 10

February 20


March 18

March 23

March 27

April-June 1974

Lou Thesz began this time frame as Southern junior heavyweight champion. Tommy Gilbert stopped Thesz to regain the title. Gilbert then lost the championship to Jerry Lawler with manager Sam Bass. This win was Lawler’s first major singles championship win in the area. 

Steve Kovacs dethrones Ali Baba to win the U.S. junior heavyweight championship. Kovacs loses this title to Jerry Lawler and it appears that the U.S. junior heavyweight title is forgotten for a time.

The Masked Infernos with manager J.C. Dykes were recognized as Southern tag champions for some of this three month period. By June, Charlie Fulton & Bobby Mayne with manager Sir Clements, who replaced George Harris as manager for the team in April, were wearing the belts. How they passed from the Infernos to Fulton & Mayne isn’t clear although there is some evidence to show that Bobo Brazil & Bearcat Brown may have held the titles.

Frank Monte & Nick DeCarlo drop the Mid-America tag titles to Tojo Yamamoto & Mr. Kamikaze before regaining the titles.

Territory regulars during the year’s second quarter included Roughhouse Fargo, Bearcat Brown, Earl Maynard, Dennis Hall, George Gulas, Don Greene, Joey Rossi, The Samoans (Tio & Tapu), Sam Bass, Mike Jackson, Tony LeDoux, Gil Shelby, Al Greene, Melvin Kimball, Al Ramsey, Buddy Wayne, Phil Hickerson, Tony Santos, Johnny Fields & Marshall Fields, Tor Hayashi, Jerry Jarrett, Cowboy Frankie Laine, Pepe Lopez, Devoy Brunson, Bobby Jones, The Alaskan, Mike Paidousis, Ricky Gibson, The Masked Red Shadow, Rick Sanchez, Derrick Lewis, The Bounty Hunters with manager Jim Kent, Eddie Marlin, Bobby Mayne, Bobo Brazil, Ronnie Blaystein, David Spencer, Rick Renaldo, Ron Wright & Don Wright, Bobcat Brown (billed as the brother of Bearcat Brown), Lorenzo Parente and more.

Also in the area during this time were Sylvia Hackney, Paula Kaye, Sandy Partlow, Peggy Patterson, Heather Feather and Jungle Jane. Bobo Johnson and Sonny Boy Hayes also made appearances at this time.

Hottest feuds at this time included the continuation of the Tommy Gilbert-Lou Thesz battles. Jerry Lawler made some hay in his feud against Jackie Fargo by injuring the popular star. In Fargo’s absence, Lawler feuded against Steve Kovacs, Tommy Gilbert and Ricky Gibson. Tojo Yamamoto’s heel turn didn’t last long as he soon mended fences with Jerry Jarrett.

It is interesting to note that some homegrown talent began making the rounds for the promotion during this time. Alabama natives Mike Jackson & Tony Ledoux worked for the promotion low on cards and sometimes even made it to mid-card status. The two were on the small side physically even by 1974 standards. While Ledoux quickly faded away, Jackson would toil for years, even into the new millennium, in Southern rings. While rarely making it to main events, Jackson made himself memorable in many fans eyes in the 1980s on the nationally televised Atlanta-based wrestling show by making others look great as enhancement talent. 

Memphis, Tennessee, April 8, 1974

Chattanooga, Tennessee Memorial Auditorium, Saturday, April 27, 1974

Chattanooga, Tennessee Memorial Auditorium, Sunday, May 12, 1974

Memphis, Tennessee, Monday, June 17, 1974

Title changes and controversies during April-June 1974

April 10


April 17

April 24


May 4

May 12

May 27


July-September 1974

Jerry Lawler managed by Sam Bass began this quarter as Southern junior heavyweight champion. A few weeks into the summer, Lawler lost the title to Jackie Fargo. Lawler would regain the title and hold it the rest of the summer. By September, the title began being recognized as the Southern heavyweight title.

The Southern tag championship is a mess during the summer. Charlie Fulton & Bobby Mayne managed by Sir Clements begin the time frame holding the titles. During the summer, the teams of Tommy Gilbert & Ricky Gibson and Rufus R. Jones & George Gulas lay claim to the titles. By September, the picture becomes clearer as Al Greene & Phil Hickerson with manager Sam Bass lock onto the titles.

The Mid-America tag titles reappear in August around the waists of Don Kent & Chris Gallegher (Dutch Mantel) with manager Jim Kent. Kent & Gallegher lose the straps to Steve Kovacs & Ricky Gibson before taking them back. At some point the tag titles wound up in the possession of Duke Myers & The Masked Blue Scorpion also managed by Jim Kent. There is some evidence that Johnny Fields & Ricky Fields may have briefly held the titles in the interim.

Don Greene did work some shows billed as U.S. junior heavyweight champion during the summer. 

Wrestlers working in the area at this time included NWA champion Jack Brisco, Eddie Marlin, Tommy Gilbert, Dennis Hall, Bearcat Brown, Jim Lancaster, Tojo Yamamoto, Mr. Kamikaze, Nick DeCarlo, Joey Rossi, Stan Kowalski, Pepe Lopez, Terry Sawyer (not Buzz Sawyer), The Bounty Hunters with manager Jim Kent (in August Jim Lancaster began managing this team), Bobo Brazil, The Masked Mr. Wrestling II (Johnny Walker), Robert Fuller, The Masked Red Shadow, Danny Dusek, U.S. champion The Sheik managed by Eddie Creachman, Mike Loren, Tommy Marlin, Dick the Bruiser, Terry Garvin, Jim Garvin, Bearcat Brown, The Masked Dr. Death, Mike Jackson, Tony LeDoux, The Masked Blue Scorpions, Bill Costello, Billy Spears, Tommy Spires, The Masked Mr. Wrestling, The Great Hirohito, Rick Sanchez, Lou Thesz, Bobby Dee, Duke Myers, Harley Race, Jerry Brisco and more.

Also working some in the area at this time were Sylvia Hackney, Joyce (Paula?) Kaye, The Haiti Kid and Little Louis.

The sport’s biggest physical attraction who was quickly becoming the sport’s biggest box office attraction made his debut in the area in late September. Andre the Giant worked most of the major cities in the territory at this time.

The area’s hot feuds in this time frame were the ongoing Jerry Lawler-Jackie Fargo feud. Lawler also feuded some with Robert Fuller. The Bounty Hunters feuded against Rufus R. Jones & George Gulas. The rough combination of Al Greene & Phil Hickerson began plowing through competition but ran across stiff opposition against the teams of Eddie Marlin & Tommy Gilbert and Jackie Fargo & Tojo Yamamoto. 

Louisville, Kentucky, Tuesday, July 23, 1974

Nashville, Tennessee, Wednesday, August 7, 1974

Memphis, Tennessee, Monday, September 16, 1974

Title changes and controversies during July-September 1974


July 20

July 27

July 29


August 6

August 24

Late August

September 16

September 30

October-December 1974

Jerry Lawler with manager Sam Bass ruled the roost as Southern champion. Lawler though lost the title for a time to Robert Fuller. Lawler would regain the title in short order. Not long after though, Lawler and manager Sam Bass had a falling out and parted ways.

Sam Bass also managed the Southern tag champions as this time frame began as his big team of Al Greene & Phil Hickerson were hard to get past. Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett had some success and held the titles for a time before Greene & Hickerson regained the titles. Yamamoto would then pair with Jerry Lawler to snatch the belts away briefly. Greene & Hickerson would regain the titles but lose them back to Yamamoto & Lawler by the end of the year.

The Mid-America title reemerged late in the year. Don Kent with manager Jim Kent (the two weren’t related) held the title and defended it regularly. He did lose it briefly to Rufus R. Jones before taking the belt back.

The exact lineage of the Mid-America tag championship is unclear part of October. Jackie Fargo & George Gulas though are champions later in the month. They swap the titles to Don Kent & Count Drummer before regaining the championship. The Masked Blue Scorpion & Duke Myers are billed as Southeastern tag champions (not the Knoxville version) for a show or two in November before the title is forgotten for a time.

In November, the promotion held a tournament to crown inaugural World Six Man tag champions. The trio of Jackie Fargo, Dennis Hall & George Gulas downed Juan Sebastian, Don Kent & Jerry Lawler in the finals of a multi-week tournament to claim the titles.

Working the territory at this time were such stars as Steve Kovacs, Don Greene, Billy McGuire & Benny McGuire, The Masked Medic, Billy Hamilton, The Bounty Hunters managed by Jim Lancaster, Jerry Brisco, Bobby Mayne, Lou Thesz, Harley Race, Pepe Lopez, Rick Sanchez, Jean Pierre, Pierre Bonet, Johnny Fields & Ricky Fields, Tommy Gilbert, Eddie Marlin, Charlie Fulton, Bill Costello, Bobo Brazil, The Sheik, Sir Clements, Silento Rodriquez, Les Thatcher, The Masked Dr. Death, Juan Sebastian, Jackie Fargo, Tommy Marlin, The Mummy, Bobcat Brown, Dennis Condrey, Count Drummer, Joey Rossi, Tommy Spires, The Masked Green Hornet, Joe Turner, The Masked Pittsburgh Stealers, Jerry Barber, Rick Sanchez, Johnny Grey, Joe Sky, Ron Fuller, Tex McKenzie, The Masked Outlaws, Don Kernodle, Lorenzo Parente, Johnny Weaver, Jerry Myatt, Big Bad John, Ray Candy, Tony Nero, Ed Kowalski, Rip Hawk, George Strickland, Johnny Rogers, Frank Martinez, The Masked Mr. Pro (unmasked in Birmingham as Devoy Brunson and in Chattanooga as Dennis Condrey) and more.

Also in the area at this time were U.S. Ladies champion Cora Combs, The Masked Satan Lady, Sandy Partlow, as well as Dirty Morgan and Bobo Johnson.

Ronald Welch, known to area fans as Ron Fuller, purchased the Knoxville promotion from longtime area promoter John Cazana in this time period. For some time, Cazana had loaned talent from the Gulas-Welch promotion to use on his cards. Fuller would continue this practice for a time although he began weaning the area off Gulas-Welch talent to create his own pool of talent. Jerry Lawler, Jackie Fargo, Don Greene and Tommy Gilbert were among the stars who crossed over from the Gulas-Welch promotion to work for Fuller some late in the year.

Hot feuds at this time included one between Al Greene & Phil Hickerson against Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett. Greene & Hickerson also feuded against former friend Jerry Lawler late in the year, who used Yamamoto as a frequent partner. Don Kent also had a knock-down drag-out war with Steve Kovacs. 

Chattanooga Tennessee Memorial Auditorium, Thursday, October 17, 1974

Birmingham, Alabama TV, Saturday, November 16, 1974

Birmingham, Alabama, Monday, November 18, 1974

Memphis, Tennessee, Sunday, December 8, 1974

Knoxville, Tennessee, Friday, December 13, 1974

Title changes and controversies during October-December 1974


October 23

October 26

October 30


November 6

November 14

November 20

November 25


December 2

Late December

Title Histories

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