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 - Jason Hess

Hello and welcome to the latest installment of Houston Wrestling here at Kayfabe Memories.  For those of us who still watch WWE programming, we have seen a “worst of the worst” kind of week, not even a month after one of the most well promoted PPV’s of the year in SummerSlam 2002.  After getting our hopes up with an excellent build up, we have seen things in the past week that would have many readers…and wrestlers shaking their heads in disbelief.  This business can be a tricky thing for us fans, especially those with long memories…..kayfabe memories!!! 

In this edition of Houston Wrestling memories, we will take a look at a “tricky thing;” The Highs and Lows of Houston Wrestling.  In this two part series, we will examine the “Best of the Best,” and the worst of the worst.  But in this examination we are hindered naturally by two things:  my memory, and the fact that at best, any “best of/worst of” piece is significantly hampered by the opinions of the author.  Know going in that the author wasn’t alive during the Wahoo-Dory “glory” days, so any recollections are purely from the early 1980’s onward.  Know also that the author was severely disillusioned with the WWF takeover in 1987, and began to phase out of watching until Paul Boesch began to promote NWA wrestling again in 1988.  With that disclaimer out of the way, it’s also time to ask you the reader to do something unique.  I am going to present a few options for your opinion as well.  Vote online at the KM Message Board for your picks for the best…and the worst for the time period of the 1980’s!!  Here are some nominees…but if yours aren’t included…add them to the collection!!!  Let’s go first to the best of the best…..and next month to the worst of the worst: 

Best of the Best: 

Best Face: 

Junkyard Dog:  JYD was THE draw in Mid-South, and in Houston until his departure from Mid-South in September 1984 for the WWF.  His appeal was unique in that it was multi-ethnic in nature, with folks from all demographics coming out to the Coliseum to cheer on the Dog.

 Hacksaw Duggan:  The man who “took” the torch from JYD.  While some would consider Duggan as a Bruiser Brody styled wrestler, Duggan’s charisma was found in his “Joe Everyman” image.  Duggan was the mainstay of the UWF until his departure for the WWF in 1987.

Magnum T.A.:  He worked his way into the hearts of Houston fans, who saw him come of age against the Midnight Express and Mr. Wrestling II.  T.A. was a great face, especially during his second reign as North American champion.

Terry Taylor:  Like T.A., but a little more “pretty,” Terry Taylor proved that he could hold his own by going against everyone from Butch Reed, to Buddy Roberts, to Dick Slater, to the One Man Gang.  Taylor, until his heel turn in 1987 was extremely popular in Houston.

Ted DiBiase:  Although a heel for most of the 1980’s, DiBiase’s face turn, coupled with him and Steve Williams battling the Freebirds for most of 1986, turned him back into a greatly cheered man.

The Rock-N-Roll Express:  Although a tag team, the R-n-R never failed to generate excitement and heat amongst fans, especially the female variety.  Ricky and Robert had a huge following in Houston.   More...

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