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Both Mr. Wrestling 2 and Dick Slater would be involved in big angles in 1977.   The first involved Mr. Wrestling 2 and Pak Song.  Around August it was announce that Mr. Wrestling 2 would represent The United States on an upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand.  This was built up for weeks on television.  On the Saturday morning television taping, the day before Mr. Wrestling 2 was supposed to leave on the tour, all the babyfaces came out one by one to congratulated him.  Richard Blood present him a picture he had drawn of the mask man.  After all the babyfaces left, Rock Hunter and Pak Song came out and Hunter began to taunt Mr. Wrestling 2.  Hunter grabbed the painting and smashed it against the turnbuckle.  As Mr. Wrestling 2 went to stop him, Pak Song karate chop him on the back of the neck twice.  Mr. Wrestling 2 went down and didn't move.  Gordon Solie screamed "Go to Commercial!"  When the show aired that night, Gordon explained that the television taping was stopped for almost 20 minutes as paramedics were called to take Mr. Wrestling 2 to the hospital.  For the next several weeks, he was in the hospital.  It was explained to the fans that in the early 70's, Mr. Wrestling 2 neck was injured by Toru Tanaka and has never healed properly.  There was some questions if Mr. Wrestling 2 could return.  Rock Hunter and Pak Song became the two most hated men in Georgia.  Song was racking up win after win, included a 2 miniature victory over Jack Brisco at the Omni with Rock Hunter's help.  Mr. Wrestling 2 did an interview where he stated he would be back and he was coming for Song.  The match was built up great on television.  Was Mr. Wrestling 2 really to come back?  Was he 100%?  How was his neck?  Will Pak Song finish the job and put Mr. Wrestling 2 out of wrestling?  The match was October 14th at The Omni.  This was the match everyone came to see.  Mr. Wrestling 2 came out and the place erupted in cheers.  This was indeed the most loved wrestler in Georgia.  Mr. Wrestling 2 just beat the whole heck out of Pak Song that night.  Unfortunate, he let his emotions get the best of him and he was disqualify in the match.  However in towns all throughout Georgia, Mr. Wrestling 2 faced Pak Song and got his revenge over and over again.  Pak Song and Rock Hunter learned that they mess with the wrong man. 

The second big angle of the year involved Dick Slater, The Andersons and Dusty Rhodes.  Dick Slater was The Georgia Champion and Ole and Gene Anderson were The World Tag Team Champions.  All three were hated by the fans.  For months, Ole and Gene Anderson had been in a feud with Dusty Rhodes, Thunderbolt Patterson and Bill Watts.  One night, I believe it was in August, The Andersons were schedule to defend the titles against Bill Watts and Dusty Rhodes at The Atlanta City Auditorium.  Just before the match, Dusty came out and told everyone that Watts wasn't able to make the show and that he needed a partner to take on The Andersons.  The babyfaces all came out to the ring.  Rhodes looked around.  Suddenly he saw someone standing in the aisle.  He grabbed the microphone and yelled, "I pick Dick Slater!"  It was Slater standing in the aisle.  The crowd was stunned, as a hush settle on the crowd.  The Andersons were shocked.  Many of the babyface wrestlers protest his decision.  However Rhodes stood firm and told all of the babyfaces to leave.  Slater climbed into the ring and got in the corner.  Both men eyeing each other.  The Andersons seeing that Rhodes and Slater didn't trust each other, got their confidences back.  Rhodes started the match, keeping an eye on both corners.  Rhodes took on both Andersons.  Soon The Andersons started to control the match, as Rhodes was busted opening.  Rhodes finally got an opening and was able to crawl to his corner.  The fans held their breath as Rhodes held his hand out for a tag.  Slater looked at Rhodes and then at the Andersons.  Slater took the tag, jumped into the ring and then open a can on both Ole and Gene.  At this point every fans in the building were standing going nuts.  Rhodes and Slater got a three count and won the match.  Since Slater was a replacement for  Bill Watts, the match was declared a non-title match.  However that night Dick Slater went from being one of the most hated wrestler in Georgia, to one of the most popular.  Slater and Rhodes would later win The World Tag Team Championship.  They held it for a few weeks before losing it back to Ole and Gene.  Slater would remain The Georgia Champion until December, 1977 when he lost the title to Stan Hansen. 


I will take a look at Tony Atlas who had a great year in 1977.  Tony arrived in Georgia in 1976 as The Black Atlas.  His career really took off  in 1977 with matches against Abdullah the Butcher, Pak Song, United States Champion Ric Flair and forming a tag team with Tommy Rich.  Until next month, thanks for reading.  

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